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Digital marketing can be said to be the form of marketing of the new age . As the entire world is getting digitized, the marketing strategies used by the different brands and companies is also improvising and they are trying to sort to easier ways of promotion rather than the traditional ways of advertising such as printing on the newspapers or in the magazines, out of home advertisements such as in the billboards etc.

digital marketing

It means marketing through the use of any digital equipment. It can be through the use of desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones or through the use of social media handles. It should be noted that digital marketing is different from online marketing. Online marketing is a part of digital marketing and can only function in the presence of an internet connection. It includes blogs, website, emails and social media marketing. Whereas digital marketing can operate through television, through SMS and MMS in the mobile phones and through on-hold mobile ringtones.

Digital marketing has developed in the latter part of the twentieth century and has become one of the most used marketing strategies. It is also an easy way to attract the customers. It particularly became more prevalent among customers in the 2000’s with the increase in the number of internet users and the social media handles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter getting popular among the public. One of the most prevalent methods of building an online presence is through the use of SEM that is Search Engine Marketing. Further SEO that is Search Engine Optimization allows web pages to be more accessible and evident through search engines.

It also allows optimization of websites for target keywords search of the organization, helping the websites to be in higher rank during the search of the similar keywords. Digital Marketing is also preferred because it comes with much less expenses and can be accessed 24/7. The PPC adds that is Pay Per Click is also being used and they provide guaranteed visibility at a fee, such as Google Adwords. Thus companies now look for quick ways for marketing and therefore digital marketing is of immense help to them, particularly social media is a dominant form of marketing today.

In this we tell you about the latest technology and google updates.Brief for Social Media Marketing tools and efficient ways to increase the traffic in your website.

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